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Add Pending Qty column in PO Receipt show in Sage X3

In Sage X3, everyone knows that prospects can create the PO order, PO receipt, PO return and PO invoice transactions in the direction of distributors/suppliers using purchase module. So in PO module, every time particular person created the receipt from specific purchase order or returning some qty using purchase return show, then Qty available or stock Qty purchased affected.

For actually one among our client, we did customization the place particular person needs to know the pending PO quantity on the Receipt entry show itself so that particular person ought to consider the standing of that particular PO whether or not or not it’s partially acquired or totally acquired. Moreover every time particular person creates the return entry in the direction of that particular receipt then Pending quantity on that particular PO should additionally get modified accordingly. So to understand this now now we have added an extra column ‘Pending Quantity’ on PO Receipt/GRN factor grid which purchased refreshed based mostly totally on the quantity acquired and quantity return near that particular PO.

As an example, If now now we have created Purchase Order with ordered Qty=1000 and put up that purchase order transaction. (Go to Shopping for–>Orders Half–>Orders).

New Stuff:

[Sample Purchase Order]

After which now now we have created Purchase Receipt entry with Qty=800 and put up that purchase receipt transaction. (Shopping for–>Receipts Half–>Receipts) Refer below screenshot:-

[Sample Purchase Receipt]

After creation of Purchase Receipt entry, out of 1000 quantity, 800 quantity purchased acquired so Pending qty get modified to 200 i.e. (1000-800), as confirmed throughout the below screenshot:-

Purchase Receipt show with pending qty

As soon as we are going to create one different receipt from comparable purchase order with remaining qty i.e. 200 then pending qty will get modified to 0.

Within the similar technique when particular person creates the Purchase Return entry of the above Receipt, the pending qty value will get modified in receipt factor grid. Let’s take an occasion, supposed if we raised Purchase Return entry with 50 Qty in the direction of the above receipt and posted that purchase return transaction. When particular person reopen earlier receipt then pending qty is likely to be displayed as 250.

This customization is developed so that particular person can merely decide throughout the receipt show that what is the pending qty for specific purchase order after creating purchase receipt and purchase return transactions.

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