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Calculating variety of attachments in Sage X3

As we all know, utilizing attachment featured In Sage X3, consumer can connect numerous paperwork/information in opposition to any masters or transactions display. With this characteristic customers can connect file varieties like phrase doc, Picture, Textual content, PDF and Excel and so forth. The connected paperwork will be the reference/supply paperwork of that exact entry. This helps all of the customers to know the supply paperwork and it additionally improves effectivity as a result of customers can entry related info simply with out losing time looking by means of file cupboards and folders.

On this weblog, we are going to see how we will know the variety of the attachments connected to explicit entry by means of 4GL script.

New Stuff:

4GL sample Script
Pattern Script for calculating variety of attachments

“AOBJTXT” desk shops of all of the attachments that are connected in Sage X3.

Let’s contemplate, consumer has connected some attachments to a specific Provider in Provider Grasp Display.

So utilizing the above script, we will know the variety of attachments connected to a specific provider by simply placing filter as provider code chosen on the display. After which we depend complete variety of attachments by means of “ROWCOUNT()” perform.


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