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Period of Account Code on the concept of Group, Sub-Group and Classification

In Sage X3, using auto numbering operate we are going to generate doc numbers for lots of the transaction and masters like Purchase or Product sales doc numbers or Purchaser or Supplier numbers and lots of others. Nevertheless there is not a provision to generate account code robotically so we did an add-on customization the place Account code will get generated robotically on the concept on positive requirements. So on this weblog we’ll see how we are going to acquire this.

One amongst our client has requested that they required auto period of account codes on the concept of Classification, Group and Sub Group fields on the account show. Classification is the Account class space which relies on Legal guidelines and which is saved in Setup -> Finance Account -> Programs. Moreover Group and Sub Group space which is present in Account show. So using the combination of the above three fields we have now now written logic for varied account code numbering sequence.

First we’ll have in mind the Classification code i.e. a single digit amount which is perhaps concatenated with the Group after which Sub group space i.e. 2 digit numbers and extra we’ll concatenate the incremented sequence value to it.

Let’s take up an occasion for increased understanding:

New Stuff:

[Account Master - Example 1]
[Account Master – Example 1]

Throughout the above screenshot, Classification space value is 1, Group Price is 04 and Sub-Group value is 02. So the account code begins with “10402”. If this account code sequence is simply not generated sooner than then we’ll concatenate 001 to it making the account code as “10402001”.

Now will see one different state of affairs, if the sequence is already generated then program finds the latest value that was auto generated in it after which increment it by 1. Throughout the underneath screenshot the classification code is 1 and Group is 04 and Sub-Group 02. As everyone knows that this sequence was already generated so now it will generate the model new sequence by checking inside the database and it will increment the account code by 1 making it as “10402002”.

[Account Master - Example 2]
[Account Master – Example 2]

So at any time when new Account code is perhaps generated with this combination, solely sequence counter will get incremented and append to the combination of above three fields.

On this strategy each combination might have their separate sequence counter and is perhaps generated Account code likewise on the concept of Classification code, Group code and Sub-group code.

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