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Tips about learn how to get an Open PO Amount using inquiry screens in Sage X3

At first, we’ll see, what’s an Open PO Amount? After creating GRN/Receipt in the direction of Purchase Order, remaining amount of PO i.e. (Complete PO Amount along with Tax – Complete Receipt/GRN Amount along with tax) is the Open PO Amount. Which means Open PO Amount will doubtless be calculated until that PO is open. If PO is closed, it might take into consideration ‘0’ Open PO Amount.

How do you confirm Open PO Amount if the PO is open in Sage X3?

For this operate, we did customization on Shopping for Inquiry Screens and added a model new column for PO Amount in all Purchase Inquiry Screens i.e. in Order Strains, Itemizing of Orders, Receipt Strains and Itemizing of Receipts.

As everybody is aware of, you probably can create plenty of Receipt Entries(GRNs) in the direction of one Purchase Order. So on this case, whilst you create first GRN entry in the direction of Purchase Order with some quantity(decrease than PO qty), remaining amount (along with tax) of that actual Purchase Order will doubtless be thought-about as Open PO Amount.

As per the same old efficiency of inquiry screens, In Order Strains and Receipt Strains, Open PO Amount is calculated product-wise and in Itemizing of Orders and Itemizing of Receipts, Open PO Amount is calculated on the concept of entire PO and entire GRN Amount. In Receipt inquiry, Open PO Amount of ultimate GRN will doubtless be thought-about for all the earlier GRNs in case of plenty of GRNs.

Now, we’ll see how the Open PO Amount will doubtless be calculated.

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As you probably can see in above desk, entire Amount (along with tax) of Product 2 in PO is 16800 and in GRN it is 11200. So the open PO Amount for Product 2 is (16800 – 11200 = 5600). Now you probably can confirm the Open PO Amount calculation for Product 1 by making use of the similar logic. So with this customization, you will discover open PO amount with the inquiry screens. Refer underneath screenshot of Receipt Strains Inquiry Show display screen the place product-wise Open PO Amount is getting displayed.

[Receipt Lines Inquiry Screen]

And in Itemizing of Receipts, entire PO Amount along with tax is 39200 and entire GRN amount along with tax is 22400. So the Open PO Amount is (39200 – 22400 = 16800) as confirmed inside the underneath screenshot of Itemizing of Receipts.

[List of Receipts Inquiry Screen]

An identical logic will doubtless be utilized in Order Strains and Itemizing of Orders Inquiry screens. Due to this fact with the help of this customization, particular person can confirm the open amount of Purchase Order.

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